Monday, September 19, 2011

It Has Been a Busy Couple of Weeks...

I hope everyone had a nice Labor Day holiday and is enjoying the beginning of fall in your part of the country.

Labor Day weekend brought the rain and wins of Tropical Storm Lee through the Southeast - knocking down trees and power lines - in my state, over 200,000 people were without power after Lee came through, and by Friday, 98% of those had power restored.

After a nice cool snap, temperatures in the 90s are returning to my area this week but the promise of cooler temperatures is in the forecast.

Here at my employer, Childrens of Alabama, plans are being readied for the big move next August. I am very excited as this Thursday, I will be be touring the new facility - complete with hard hats and yellow construction vests.

I have been busy finishing up the keying of my inventory into our Pyxis Stockstations, which we hope to implement very soon. The canning of supplies in and out of the storeroom will be a big adjustment for staff members but the help that this perpetual inventory will provide will be worth it all.

Have a great week!

Nancy J Webber, MPH, CMRP

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